Develop Your Personal Wellness Plan, Asana: Functional Movement and the Spine


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3 workshops, do workshops individually or all 3 for a discounted price.

Tuesdays 1 March, 8 March and 15 March; 10am - 12.30pm

The ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda gives us tools to maintain greater health, balance and inner peace. This program offers an opportunity to understand core teachings from these ancient sciences from one of the most authentic sources in the field, and apply them practically in your daily life.

Course Contents

- Functional movement in asana
- Developing healthful movement patterns
- Connecting daily life with asana on the mat
- Structure of spine
- Developing good alignment in the spine
- Breath and the body-mind connection
- Key principles of a healthy locomotor system • Strength and stabilization
- Flexibility and mobilization
- Asymmetry and alignment in daily life
- Static vs dynamic practice
- Injury prevention in asana
- Core asana sequences
- Modifying asanas for personal needs

This course is for:

- Beginners interested in the essential skills of asana, pranayama, and meditation to establish a personalized practice.
- Yoga practitioners looking to enrich and deepen their learning on the foundations of classical yoga in a pragmatic framework.
- Yoga teachers interested in exposure to the traditional teachings of the “father of modern yoga,” the yogi Sri Krishnamacharya.

About Nitya

Nitya Mohan is the daughter of A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan, and was trained in yoga from a young age. She is the Director of Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda in Singapore and has trained over 200 teachers in the Svastha Yoga teacher training programs since 2001 in Singapore. She holds a degree in music and is an exponent of the Vedic chant. She has taught yoga and given concerts in Germany, France, Switzerland, United States, Australia and Singapore. She has also released audio cassettes and CDs on Vedic chanting and the Yogasutras of Patanjali.


Email: nitya@svastha.net Phone: (65) 9838 5242

Program Structure for "Develop Your Personal Wellness Plan"

- 5 modules, 12 Workshops of 2.5 hours each, running throughout the year with breaks during holiday periods.

Module 1 "Asana: Functional Movement and the Spine" (3 workshops)

Module 2 "Pranayama: Using the Breath" (2 workshops)

Module 3 "Mindfulness and Meditation: Yogasutra-based Practical Psychology" (3 workshops)

Module 4 "Mantra Meditation: Sound in Asana, Pranayama, And Meditation" (3 workshops)

Module 5 "Ayurvedic Dietetics" (1 workshop)

- You have the flexibility to attend the workshops in any order.
- You may also attend one or more of the workshops independently.
- A certificate will be issued on completion of entire program.

Tue Mar 1, 2016
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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